fashion sense + two cents.

Time flies when you're having fun a life. 

14 months later and here I am, ready to write again. I wish I had a better excuse for my extensive hiatus but I really only have my job, my unrelenting itch to travel and a few male distractions to blame... (We will get to that later).

So why am I getting back on the blogging horse? One reason: my mentor, of sorts, has encouraged me to "be heard" with a blog of "fashion and fuck yous", as she so eloquently put it. The thing is, I am not afraid to say what you are thinking. I love die for fashion and although there are more fashion blogs than one cares to acknowledge, there aren't enough blogs that say something or anything for that matter. Fashion is so much more than the clothes we wear and there is something to be said about that.

So, join me as I talk about high heels and heart breaks because my fashion finds and life mistakes are now your personal entertainment. Feel free to email me (myelectricyouth@gmail.com) if you want my personal opinion, advise on fashion or even where to buy the best pizza in Los Angeles (Village Pizza, for the record.) I don't know everything about anything but I do know something about a lot and I am at your service.



  1. finnally someone with more than fashion sence!! i cant say i am one of those interesting know-it-alls but i do appreciate someone who posts more than just outfits and "hey look everything i own" !
    following you.

  2. pd: just in case u were wondering: http://franomad.blogspot.com