the wrist game.

Let me first confess something to you... If fashion was a religion, I would convert... and my deity of choice would definitely be Tommy Ton. (For those of you who are reading this and don't know who TT is... you should probably check yourself before I wreck yourself.) Anyways, TT is so fuggin talented and I recently read an article about how he got started and it made me feel like high-fiving him right through my computer screen. He has the ability to see fashion the way very few are capable of; he looks beyond the styling and past the complete outfit, honing in on the smallest, most intricate details. These details are sometimes so minute that even the girl donning them might not even realize the apocalyptic decision she made when dressing that morning. These little intricacies and subtle accents are what make fashion so fascinating. With your body as a blank canvas, the opportunities, mixtures and styling concoctions one can conjure up are ENDLESS. 

With photo cred to none other than TT (and Nam of STREETFSN... he is also amazing FYI) Here are few detail shots which truthfully give me an itch to decorate my wrist like an evergreen in December. I really love the mix of brights and neons with grungier metals, so unexpected but complimentary at the same time. BUT, I want to know...how do YOU feel about this new trend? Are piling on colorful bracelets strictly for the "Summer Camp Counselor"?... or is this a cool and chic new way to splash youthfulness in your wardrobe? 

images via jakandjil & streetfsn


  1. I really love the trend ! -Very feminine. Nice writing too... Tommy is THE BEST ! ;-)

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