Holy crap. To say that I have been busy would be a massive understatement... For those of you who don't know already, in October I partnered with a girl from Stockholm to create our love child fashion label, RYGGRAD. Trying to juggle my position at the magazine as well as this new line has taught me a whole new level of multi-tasking and patience among many other things. I can't wait to reveal everything to you guys but for now I have to keep things a little on the "low". Check below for a little background info about RYGGRAD and a sneak peek at our Fall 2011 Look Book!

RYGGRAD: (n) "derived from the Swedish word meaning spine; spinal cord; backbone; to have backbone." 

"RYGGRAD stands for the fearless instinct embedded in all of us, the one too many people often forget to listen to. If you strip away everything that defines who we are, we are left with just two things, our instinct and our backbone. RYGGRAD stands for that moment in your life where you realize if you want to have it all, you have to be willing to risk it all."

these photos are not to be copied or distributed with out proper citing and credit to RYGGRAD INC. and www.myelectricyouth.com

Head to www.ryggradfashion.com for more images from behind the scenes, editorial spreads we love and a first look of our collection!

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  1. So cool! XO Raspberry & Rouge


  2. Hey Lindsey, thanks so much for commenting on my post regarding your label. It was a pleasure to blog about as I truly think that its an amazing collection. Best of luck with it and the future.