butterflies and shutterbugs

Sometimes, I can't explain it... things just inspire me. Like when you get butterflies in your stomach; you have no logical explanation why it's happening but there you are, face to face with a man you've known for 30 seconds and you feel like you're going to vomit and cartwheel at the exact same moment. Well, for me, this kind of internal sensation is exactly the feeling I get when I see something like a photograph or a garment that just feels right. It is inexplainable, undefinable and down right fantastic. Some call it intuition, I call it being good at my job. (Plus, I use my hyper-intuitive vibes as a weapon against humanity not fashion.) Well my friends, here are some photos that are currently possessing that unattainable, sensational IT-ness and needless to say, inspiration to moi.

images via knighttcat,viktorvautier, tfs, google images

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  1. really cool pics. just found ur blog, def adding it to my blog list. x