if you don't love yourself.

Far too often I watch girls step leap from one relationship into the arms of yet another relationship with out even a moment's hesitation in between. The U-haul collects their belongings from one man's apartment and delivers them to the next future ex-boyfriend's. Although this may (rarely) be just a coincidence that you "met him while things were going badly with your current boyfriend", I highly doubt it. My guess is that as soon as things started to fall apart with your current man, you flung yourself at the nearest "nice guy" with hopes that he would snatch up the pieces to your broken heart before you ever felt the impact.

Although I am not against people in relationships, as I have been in quite a few myself, I am wondering this... What is so scary about being alone? I find that it is literally crucial in the development of self to sometimes be... well, alone. I get it, the definition in itself is frightening with words such as isolated and apart from others but, I am by no means encouraging you to lock yourself in solitary confinement post-breakup just to get to know yourself because chances are, you will end up with schizophrenia.  However, I am indeed encouraging women of the world to take a breather, shed the desperation and try on that single girl swagger.

Being single does not make you pathetic, lonely, unwanted or ugly. Being single makes you a girl who knows what she wants and wont settle for anything less. Being single means loving yourself and being confident enough in yourself to not lower your standards for the first guy who shows you attention just because you only feel a sense of self-worth when in a relationship. Take time to get to know who you are as an individual and I can guarantee you will like who you are as a partner that much more because no one is going to love you if you don't love yourself.

disclaimer: Love is an amazing, life changing thing and if you find it, hold on to it dearly but if you lose it, don't go searching for it... find it within yourself first and love will find you again.